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An Approach to Seamless Data Migration during Retirement Plan Recordkeeping Platform Modernization

The change in the customer environment in the US retirement markets, coupled with the increased competition and need for growth in plan participant base, has caused US retirement plan providers to reassess their platform/technologies and processes. It’s the right time for the plan provider organizations to establish a level of parity from a technology perspective to stay relevant to customers,

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3 Most Important Technology Considerations for Modern Retirement Plan Recordkeeping Systems

It is a matter of fact that the typical plan provider organizations must provide enterprise services to an ecosystem of many stake holders: plan administrators, sponsors, advisors, participants, TPAs, and other service providers. Because of the varying needs of the stakeholders, most plan provider organizations find themselves forced to manage a complex heterogeneous environment comprised of new and legacy IT

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Leveraging BIG Data to boost business

In the United States alone, there are close to 200 million customers of the pension/insurance industry, as per 2013 figures [Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Dept of Labor]. The numbers are increasing progressively as well. There are large amount of data collected from the million customers through various source. The sources of data are:
• Customer’s interaction with insurance companies, friends,

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CFO of Congruent talks about the strategic evolution of role of the CFO in information technology firms

Not so long ago, the CFO was merely viewed as a bean counter – one that was expected to compile the company’s accounts, keep a tab on its finances, track the sources and uses of funds, ensure statutory and regulatory compliances and the like. Although these traditional responsibilities are still expected of the CFO, this will not suffice any more.

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Taming Big Data

We all know the buzzword in the Technology world today: “Big Data”
Every technology discussion forum, academic or corporate, features ‘Big Data’ as the next big thing that can bring disruptive change to the way we conduct business.
Big Data-analytics applied to humongous data sets like Social Media interactions; online click-throughs are helping organizations navigate the digital universe to gain better insights

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