Understanding whether or not participants are eligible to enroll in your plan is complex and requires analysis of data across types, kinds and locations. That’s where the CORE Eligibility & Enrollment Solution comes in.

With over a decade of experience in the US retirement planning industry, Congruent Solutions is well placed to deliver great and targeted solutions that work.

Reduce effort and cost by automating these routine tasks:

  • Periodic eligibility tests
  • Auto-enrolling
  • Data analysis
  • Participant communication
  • Auto escalations


Streamlined Processes

Simplify processing through easy configuration of rules to suit your organization.

Single Window

Analyze multiple data types submitted and stored in different formats and locations using a single platform.

Complete Configurability

Easily configure with criteria based on plan or source levels, and automatically re-check at pre-scheduled time intervals to confirm continued eligibility.

Customized Automation

Enroll or re-enroll eligible participants manually or automatically, with personalized confirmation messages dispatched automatically.

Auto Contribution Escalation

Exercise complete participant control through manual selection of their own year-wise incremental percentages.

CORE Eligibility & Enrollment Processing Solutions can
Streamline enrollments in a single window application.

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Congruent’s CORE solutions helped a Fortune 500 retirement plan provider deliver better CX to its plan sponsors

A Tier 1 retirement plan advisor was dealing with under-utilization of their workforce, coupled with high costs. Our Retirement Plan Administration was the perfect solution.

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