Congruent has used over a decade of experience of careful analysis of existing workflows and evaluation of the best use of technology in different scenarios in the US retirement industry to devise the best possible platform. CORE Payroll Solutions brings together the best of technology and business experience to offer seamless integration capability and flexibility in the form of state-of-the-art pre-built applications and innovative frameworks.

The solution specifically suit the industry’s unique critical contributions disbursement needs for data security and processing.

Using the solution, you can process:

  • Payroll and census data collection
  • Enrollments
  • Contributions
  • Loan repayments
  • Participant indicative data management


Maximized Return on Investment

Benefit from following the optimal path of incremental investment in IT systems to maximize returns, rather than investing heavily in a complete revamp.

Easy Implementation

Address needs specific to your retirement plan administration processes with CORE’s modular solutions that can be deployed alongside your existing systems.

Feature-packed for Maximum Efficiency

Improve efficiencies in data quality and operations, and reduce effort and cost with CORE’s robust and feature-filled solutions.

360-degree Integration

Benefit from an in-depth integration into your operations – for sponsors and administrators, for all payroll file formats and payroll providers, formatting and validating census and payroll data.

Custom Alerts and Updates

Notify sponsors and administrators of required actions with custom alert settings and customized web interfaces.

CORE Payroll Solutions can
significantly simplify contributions processing at your organization.

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Congruent’s CORE solutions helped a Fortune 500 retirement plan provider deliver better CX to its plan sponsors

A Tier 1 retirement plan advisor was dealing with under-utilization of their workforce, coupled with high costs. Our Retirement Plan Administration was the perfect solution.

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