The back offices of Third-Party Administrators are always busy with paperwork, data processing, recordkeeping and approvals – largely repetitive manual work that takes up time, space, and valuable human resource.

Cut out the excess with Congruent Solutions’ efficient Healthcare BPO services for back office administration services.

All our facilities are certified SOC 1, SOC 2 and ISO 27001, and so you can rest assured that our services delivered are to a world-class standard.


Quick Participant Enrollment

Enroll participants under the specified retirement plan selected.

Customizable Payment Schedules

Reconcile employer payments under specified intervals as per your schedule: Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly.

Easy Check for Ineligibility

Dynamically identify dependents who have attained majority or the age of 26 and remove from the participant’s plan, and remove participants who have attained seniority or the age of 65 from availing Disability benefits.

Quick Plan Termination Management

Note and manage terminations in cases where the employee’s insurance plan is dropped for any reason specified such as Termination of Employment, Death etc.

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