The Congruent Retirement Outsourcing solution allows you to easily and efficiently outsource and manage every part of administration of your retirement plans.

You can manage all your paperwork-heavy daily processing needs using the Congruent Retirement Outsourcing solution, including payroll management, distributions processing, loans management, employee account transfers and much more.

Plan administration organisations can manage plans of all kinds using the Congruent Retirement Outsourcing solution:

  • 401(k)
  • Safe Harbor
  • 403(b)
  • Profit Sharing plans
  • Money purchase plans
  • SIMPLE Plan
  • Solo(k) plans


Easy Plan Setup

Create plans in the recordkeeping or testing software based on the plan document information.

Comprehensive Data Management

Quick review of client spreadsheets for missing or inaccurate employee census data.

Complete Contribution Calculation

Share raw data for comprehensive calculation of all types of employer contributions.

Efficient Compliance Testing

Outsource the necessary nondiscrimination testing and generate the reports for defined contribution plans to include 410(b) coverage, 415 annual limits, Top Heavy, 402(g), 401(a)(4) non-discrimination, ADP and ACP testing.

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Thorough Accounting

Reconcile the plan investment information with contribution details.

Easy Valuation Calculation

Maintain individual participant’s source level account balances in your trust accounting software along with investment information to calculate the vested account balance.

Preparation of Forms and Schedules

Prepare and process IRS Forms and Schedules for both audited and non-audited plans.

Comprehensive Year End Packages

Compile all compliance, valuation and reports required to manage your audit process, for a plan year.

Easy and Efficient Daily Processing

Upload and post Plan Contributions on your software from the participants’ Payroll for the purpose of Trade and Investment, make and manage Employee Account transfers through the Rollover application, process Employee’s Distributions on the recordkeeping platform and Employee’s Loans. This simplifies multi-day processes to single-step activities.

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