Make targeted interventions to improve and resolve issues across all stages in the development lifecycle of your retirement plan administration software products and applications. Through the integration of the software development lifecycle with the testing lifecycle with Congruent’s Testing Services, significantly reduce the overall effort, time, and costs that you need to invest in software maintenance and testing.

At Congruent, we have unmatched experience in testing packaged (off-the-shelf) applications as well as bespoke solutions used by retirement, pensions, healthcare and insurance firms globally.

We bring to client engagements an unbeatable portfolio of domain-specific testing tools and test case repositories, consultants with deep domain expertise, and proven methodologies and industry best practices.

Place your trust in test engineers who have high proficiency and expertise in multiple generic and specialized test automation tools popular in the industry.

Our Services

Application Testing

Any packaged application implementation program, be it large or small, an upgrade, replacement or a change of platform needs to be tested for quality standards from time to time throughout the lifecycle, from a functional and non-functional perspective. This includes 

  • System Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Testing on Cloud and Mobile


Test Automation

Ensure that your software applications are always at top performance with Congruent’s test automation services. We create and execute a regression automation pack for packaged applications as well as bespoke solutions used by retirement, pensions, healthcare and insurance firms. Our integrated automation approach can suit almost any kind of application that you may be using, as it combines automated testing tools, test automation framework, test planning and management, test scripting and defect management.

Managed Testing

Manage your testing within aggressive timelines with Congruent’s Managed Testing Services. Work with Congruent for an end-to-end, fully customizable testing offering, handing over end-to-end responsibility for test activities at either enterprise or program level. The collaborative solution helps clients transform their testing and achieve cost-effective, high-quality systems without large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, but without losing control.

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