In our experience of interacting with large plan providers in the DC Retirement market, working legacy IT systems often go undocumented or recorded for years, restricting your ability to add on enhancements or introduce the system efficiently to new users. Congruent’s unique combination of skills – a technology development shop with very deep domain knowledge of the DC space – puts us in a unique position to offer value-added retirement technology services.

Our expert team analyzes each component of your application and its workings in detail – providing you with a detailed documentation of the current systems and processes.

We undertake reverse engineering projects of all kinds:

  • Documentation of existing legacy systems
  • Analysis of existing systems to make changes
  • Interfacing or integrating with other systems
  • Data migration
  • Exposing security flaws
  • Privacy practices
  • Application decommissioning


Easy Integration of New System Components

Modernize your existing IT systems with much-needed enhancements, such as adding on a mobile interface or application, even if your system has no previous documentation or record.

Keep your Legacy Systems Up-to-Date

Ensure that your applications are secure, efficient and up-to-date, with enhancements such as revamping application capabilities, code conversion or upgrading database, .NET or Java framework.

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