The Problem

For plan administrators, errors and delays in processing retirement payroll result in penalties and loss of reputation, directly impacting business metrics.

  • Data from multiple sponsors needs to be handled, each with different file formats
  • Completion deadlines are tight, increasing the chances of errors being made
  • Inefficiencies due to manual processing with unformatted data and extensive paperwork
  • Multiple rounds of coordination with sponsors due to errors in the data provided
  • Delays and cost overruns in downstream processes due to payroll processing issues

How Can Congruent Help?

CORE Payroll from Congruent is an easy-to-use, robust, and feature-filled retirement payroll module designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of your plan administration.

Straight-through Processing

CORE Payroll enables self-service and straight-through processing for participants, saving significant amounts of administrator time while delivering a seamless CX to participants.

Automated Eligibility Rules and Processes

CORE Payroll automates eligibility rules, processes, and amendments, ensuring compliance and accuracy without manual effort.

Automated Calculations

CORE Payroll automates match and non-elective calculations, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Self-service for Sponsors

Sponsors can upload files digitally at their convenience through CORE Payroll’s upload wizard. This eliminates manual extraction and upload, and minimizes errors.

Support for a Wide Range of File Formats

With support for multiple file formats and sources, CORE Payroll eliminates the need for manual reconciliation of submitted files.

Uploads Dashboard for Efficient File Tracking

Interactive dashboards on CORE Payroll enable efficient file tracking, allowing Jess to monitor the status of each uploaded file in real-time.

Real-time Data Validations and Corrections

CORE Payroll checks every submission for accuracy, from census data to payroll details in real-time, besides ensuring compliance with eligibility, enrollment rules, IRS limits, and loan repayments.

Streamlined Error Management

When errors occur, they are conveniently categorized on the dashboard into data change alerts, warnings and errors.

Comprehensive Reporting and Forecasting

The platform provides robust reporting and forecasting capabilities, helping to improve collaboration and decision-making.

Flexible Payroll Funding Options

CORE Contributions offers flexible payroll funding options, ensuring that payroll processes are not delayed due to funding issues.

Why Choose Congruent?

Lower Operating Costs

Reduce operational costs by as much as 40% through streamlined and automated payroll contributions processing.

Quick Turnaround Times

Reduce time to complete retirement payroll processes from days to minutes.

Enhanced Sponsor CX

Deliver an improved customer experience to your sponsors to increase retention and build brand equity.


CORE Payroll’s cloud native architecture enables it to scale to seamlessly meet your needs through demand spikes and troughs.

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