The Problem

A Retirement Plan Administrator’s most significant worry is changes in the volume of transactions due to business changes.

  • Spike or dip, processes must continue to remain time-bound and error-free.
  • Under-investing into plan administration bandwidth can result in delays, errors, penalties, and a poor customer experience. On the other hand, over-investing in capacity directly impacts profitability.
  • To make matters even more complicated, hiring, training, and retaining knowledgeable and experienced retirement plan administrators is a constant drain on time and resources.

How Can Congruent Help?


Our trained and readily available associates act as an extension of your team. They administer retirement plans in a secure environment, allowing your in-house administrators to focus on client-facing roles. As your business grows, our team can seamlessly scale up to meet your transaction processing needs.

Comprehensive Support

We cover the entire life cycle of a plan, from Distributions and Contributions to Rollovers, Loans, and Rebalances. Our expertise includes managing Plan Restatements, Census Data, Compliance Testing, Form 5500 preparation, and Trust Accounting & Reconciliation.

Platform Experience

Congruent’s team has hands-on experience with leading platforms such as ASC, Relius, DATAIR, FT Williams, and Trust Accounting software like Quicken and Trust Me. You can trust us to navigate these systems efficiently.

Reliable and Process-Based Approach

Our process-driven methodology ensures minimal errors even when handling high transaction volumes. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines while maintaining accuracy.

Why Choose Congruent?


Avoid over-investing in capacity while ensuring timely and accurate plan administration.

Time Savings

Say goodbye to the constant drain of hiring, training, and retaining administrators. Our team is ready to assist whenever you need them.

Peace of Mind

With Congruent, you have a reliable partner who can seamlessly handle your growing transaction processing volumes.

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