The Problem

The retirement industry today is dependent on legacy recordkeeping platforms that create inefficiencies and increase the total cost of ownership.

  • High inefficiencies in the processing of data, and increased manual intervention
  • High cost of ownership of the legacy recordkeeping platform
  • Inability to provide better experiences and offer new services
  • Inflexibility of the system makes compliance with changing regulations difficult
  • Scalability is an issue to accommodate business growth

How Can Congruent Help?

Congruent’s CORE suite of solutions is a cloud-based modular SaaS that helps the retirement industry increase efficiencies, provide a better experience to all stakeholders, be compliant, and significantly reduce the cost of plan administration.

Outsized Savings

The CORE platform offers plan providers and recordkeepers up to 4x savings for every $1 invested on your CORE license by significantly reducing operating costs, outsourcing costs, and the volume of transactions your call center handles.

Superior User Experience

CORE is designed to provide an intuitive user experience (UX) with self-service support for sponsors and participants to manage their activities. It provides a unified web experience across devices and visibility of all processes to all users, enabling better collaboration while freeing administrators’ time to focus on the needs of sponsors and participants.

Higher Customer Retention

CORE helps you reduce plan churn by providing more control and better experiences for sponsors, leading to customer stickiness. Also, it enables you to grow your business by selling a more comprehensive range of plans and 3(16) services.

Cloud-based Scalability

As your transaction and data volumes increase, CORE helps you overcome the limitations of limited on-premises infrastructure and the monolithic architecture of your legacy platform. Built on a robust cloud architecture, the CORE platform is designed to scale seamlessly to meet your needs.

Why Choose CORE?

Risk-free Digital Transformation

The modular nature of Congruent’s CORE platform helps you mitigate risk and ensure business continuity. You can choose a specific module to address your business challenge and implement it in your current environment. You also benefit from a faster rollout of the modernization program and can experience quicker value realization.

Built for the Retirement Industry

Developed from the ground up and with inputs from the industry for the specific needs of the retirement industry, the CORE platform is built to stay up to date with changing regulatory compliance requirements.

Specialization in the Retirement Industry

As the retirement industry specialist, Congruent is your ideal partner in addressing challenges with your legacy recordkeeping platform.

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