The Problem

March 15 is a nightmare for plan administrators. Completing ADP/ACP non-discrimination testing by this deadline and completing the process of 401k compliance testing pose major challenges.

  • Complex process with a lot of time required for data scrubbing before the calculations
  • Sudden increase in workload even while continuing to manage the existing transaction volume
  • Limited in-house resources and inability to quickly and temporarily scale up capacity
  • Maintaining quality and accuracy while faced with these other challenges is extremely difficult
  • Fines, penalties, and even plan disqualification due to delays or errors

How Can Congruent Help?

Expert Assistance

Our trained experts act as an extension of your team to help you manage the seasonal workload with ease. For 20 years, Congruent has been a trusted partner for leading Plan Providers, Recordkeepers, and TPAs.

Comprehensive Solution

We cover all the essential tests, including ADP, ACP, Top-Heavy, Coverage Test, Minimum Distribution Requirements, Contribution Limits, Highly Compensated Employee Determination, Non-Discrimination Testing, and Plan Document Compliance.

High Quality Delivered On Time

Our process-based approach and experienced, well-trained team ensure that you meet deadlines every time with close to 100% quality.

On-demand Resources

We are there to help exactly when you need us. Manage the heavy seasonal workload of compliance testing without investing in year-round employees at your organization.

Why Choose Congruent?

Specialized Expertise

Our team is highly trained in the intricacies of each test and process involved in compliance testing to ensure they add value to your organization from day 1.


As your business expands and your needs for administrative service become greater and more complex, we’re well equipped to continue to support your growth with our scalable team of experts.


Tap into our strong pool of trained professionals who are ready to support your compliance testing activity during the times of the year you need them.

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