Importance of UX

Plan participants often struggle with deciphering complex financial jargon and feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options in retirement planning. This can lead to low engagement, missed contribution opportunities, and, ultimately, participants falling short of their retirement goals.


Prioritize User Experience (UX) in your retirement plan offerings. A well-designed UX goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating a seamless and intuitive journey for participants. Here’s how a stellar UX can benefit you:

  • Increased Engagement:
    • Interactive explainer videos: Break down complex concepts like asset allocation and risk tolerance into engaging, bite-sized videos with clear visuals and simple language.
    • Gamification elements: Integrate gamification elements like progress bars and badges to motivate participants to explore different planning tools and features.
  • Enhanced Trust:
    • Interactive fee calculators: Allow participants to see the impact of fees on their retirement savings in real time, fostering transparency and trust.
    • Personalized investment performance dashboards: Provide personalized dashboards with clear visualizations of investment performance, empowering participants to track progress towards their goals.
  • Improved Efficiency:
    • Single sign-on (SSO): Eliminate login fatigue by allowing participants to access all plan features with a single login across devices.
    • Mobile-friendly platform: Ensure a seamless experience for participants on the go, allowing them to easily check balances, make contributions, and update information from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Personalized Experience:
    • Risk tolerance assessment tools: Guide participants through interactive quizzes to determine their risk tolerance and recommend suitable investment options.
    • Goal-based planning tools: Allow participants to set specific retirement goals (e.g., dream vacation, healthcare costs) and track progress towards achieving those goals.
  • Continuous Improvement:
    • In-app feedback surveys: Gather real-time feedback from participants within the platform to identify areas for improvement.
    • A/B testing: Test different design elements and functionalities to see what resonates best with participants, ensuring a constantly evolving and optimized user experience.

The Bottom Line:

Investing in UX for your retirement plans isn’t just a nicety, it’s a strategic advantage. Engaged and satisfied participants are more likely to contribute consistently, make informed investment decisions, and achieve their retirement goals, ultimately benefiting your organization by reducing administrative burdens and fostering a positive brand image.

At Congruent, we are revolutionizing the retirement planning landscape with our CORE suite, a cloud-native modular recordkeeping platforms. Combining our expertise in the industry & an in-depth understanding of the nuances, our products have been built to offer rich user experiences across various devices. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our suite of solutions.

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