The all-new CORE 2.0 is a cloud-native recordkeeping platform designed by Congruent Solutions specifically for the needs of the retirement plan industry. This microservices-based architecture ensures scalability and flexibility for your business.

CORE 2.0 Delivers Unmatched Value with Four Key Advantages:

  • Reduced Costs: Experience significant cost savings with CORE 2.0. Our estimates show a potential return on investment of 4x, delivering exceptional value for your license expenditure.
  • Faster Implementation: The modular design of CORE 2.0 allows for a quicker rollout, minimizing disruption and accelerating your path to modernization. This also reduces risks associated with traditional platform migrations.
  • Enhanced User Experience: CORE 2.0 prioritizes user experience with a self-service-ready design, improved usability, and optimized user journeys. This translates to a more efficient and satisfying experience for recordkeepers, sponsors, and plan participants.
  • Improved Client Retention: Increase plan sponsor and participant satisfaction with CORE 2.0’s robust features and exceptional user experience. This can lead to stronger client relationships and reduced churn.

A Comprehensive Suite of Modules to Streamline Every Aspect of Recordkeeping

CORE 2.0 offers a powerful suite of modules designed to address all your recordkeeping needs. Here’s a glimpse into some of the core functionalities:

  • CORE Payroll, Simplified Payroll Processing 

tackles the complexities of payroll processing with self-service portals, data integrations, and automated compliance tracking.

  • CORE Census, Effortless Data Management 

simplifies participant data management, including demographics, beneficiaries, and bank accounts.

  • CORE Communications, Seamless Participant Communication

empowers you to deliver critical plan information to participants through email notifications and reminders.

  • CORE Eligibility, Automated Eligibility Determination: 

Streamline eligibility calculations for all retirement plan provisions.

  • CORE Fees, Flexible Fee Management

allows you to create customized fee structures based on account or investment balances.

Empower participants to manage loan and distribution requests efficiently.

  • CORE Mapper, Powerful Data Migration & Transformation

facilitates seamless data validation, transformation, and migration, ensuring accurate recordkeeping.

  • CORE Reporting, Customizable Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights with customizable reports with user-specific filtering and sorting options.

  • CORE Trade, Investment Management & Trade Processing

streamlines investment setup, trade execution, and adherence to client-specific restrictions.

  • CORE Transactions Maintenance, Comprehensive Transaction Management

Maintain a complete record of all transactions.

  • CORE Transfer & Rebalance, Automated Asset Rebalancing

provides a holistic view of assets and automates rebalancing based on user-defined thresholds.

  • CORE Vesting, Streamlined Vesting Calculations

Automate complex vesting calculations, considering service hours, elapsed time, and custom vesting schedules.

Modernize Your Recordkeeping with CORE 2.0

Congruent Solutions and the CORE 2.0 platform are here to empower you to achieve excellence in retirement plan recordkeeping. Contact us today to learn how CORE 2.0 can revolutionize your business.

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