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History and evolution of retirement plans in the US

The beginning of the development of retirement plans in the US can be traced back to certain key events in American history. This unfolded alongside the development of pension schemes in other countries across the world.
Pensions were initially extended to people in financial need, soldiers and war veterans.
Some records describe a monthly lifetime income benefit offered to soldiers during the

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Adopt new technology, but invest in people

Today, the corporate world is on the brink of a rapid paradigm shift. Although everyone is talking about Robotic Process Automation (or RPA), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and so on, they are also seen as a huge threat to human existence.
The slogan ‘change or perish’ is becoming extremely popular in the corporate world! However, I feel organizations

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Information security begins with you

In this hyper-digital world, information is wealth. However, users of technology are human, and therefore, fallible. With an increase in security-related incidents worldwide, information security is of paramount importance, for both individual users and organizations.

The authors of the acclaimed book ‘Blockchain Revolution’, Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, refer to blockchain technology as “the trust protocol” – a platform that helps

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