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Information security begins with you

In this hyper-digital world, information is wealth. However, users of technology are human, and therefore, fallible. With an increase in security-related incidents worldwide, information security is of paramount importance, for both individual users and organizations.

The authors of the acclaimed book ‘Blockchain Revolution’, Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, refer to blockchain technology as “the trust protocol” – a platform that helps

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Chennai and its American connection – a walk down memory lane

The historic ties between the United States and Chennai was the topic of a panel discussion held in the city recently. Congruent, a member of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, was invited to the event, organized as part of the ‘Madras Week 2018′ celebrations.

Chennai turned 379 on August 22nd, considered to be the founding day of Madras, as the city

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An application’s Life Element

What is an Application? What does it do? How does an application work? Let us look at some of these basic questions:

Basically, an application is a tool that collects, process and shares data. It is like a human body and without a life element, the body will not work. Data is the life element for any application, and without data,

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Retirement Savings Plans – the Plan Migration Worries

Conversations with a few top record keepers in the retirement savings space led us to a predicament, which, albeit not too frequent, is but of significant importance in the retirement industry.

While day-to-day recordkeeping woes have mostly been addressed through currently available off-the-self solutions or through custom built applications thereby making a sponsor’s life relatively easy, there still remain a few

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Work – Life Balance, a perspective

These are days of speed, instant gratification and everyone being in a hurry to get to the top of the ladder in terms of professional achievements. In a world with all this emphasis on these parameters, one key aspect of life that gets sacrificed is what is commonly referred to as ‘work life balance’. The term itself is a bit

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