The CORE Mapper is a versatile Data Validation and Transformation tool with inbuilt Retirement Industry Specific Rules and business transformations as a layer above. The tool gives administrators the flexibility to use all the inbuilt templates and also customize for specific processing and workflows.

CORE Mapper stores the data mapping, validations, transformation rules, and flows defined by each user that can be reused. It processes, transforms, and delivers output data in real-time or batch mode, as files, data streams, messages, as defined by the user.

The tool provides robust reporting capabilities and addresses the needs of both business users and advanced technical users. It can address everything from simple data conversions to large scale plan inheritance from a source system.


Tasks handled by the solution:

  • Can process any type of format
  • Create output in any type of formats
  • A visual representation for validations
  • Drag and drop interface for ease of use
  • CSV, Text, Excel and through data channels like FTP, SFTP and message queues
  • Connect to any RDBMS and other data sources
  • Offers multiple connectors to industry applications like Salesforce
  • Auto-detect file formats, file headers as well as data types


Streamlined Processes

Simple and intuitive. Even business users can manage without much training.

Single Window

Supports data for multiple payroll providers or any payroll data.

Complete Configurability

Accepts multiple file types and formats: Excel, CSV, fixed-width, Txt, Delimited.

Customized Automation

Custom rulesets/ validations by book of business/ plan types.

Extensive validation set covering

Employee Census Record, Employee Eligibility validations, Payroll Validations.

Auto Contribution Escalation

Ability to create transaction files that can be consumed by Recordkeeping systems

CORE Mapper Solutions can
Data Management Tool built for the Retirement Plan industry.

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