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A Scrumptious Open Source Cuisines in Big Data Landscape 2016:

A food critic, a traveler or an adrenaline junkie would never limit themselves at a single cuisine. Food is not something to be compared as a day-to-day habit. It is a culture and a depiction of the place where you are from. If you want to involve with a different community of people, you’ve got to taste their food foremost

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Fruity Voyage of the Cross-infrastructure/Analytics 2016:

As he is the chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios and DisneyToon Studios doesn’t mean that he is the most imaginative person. Ya I am talking about the great animator and the director of Toy Story series, John Lasseter.
In our 4th series of Big Data Landscape I thought maybe I can beat him in the

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The Cross-Road of Big Data Applications 2016:

Have you climbed the biggest data infrastructure tree and met with the analytics delegates in our previous posts? As this is a series blog, if you are reading from here you may probably get lost on the cross-roads. This is our third post and third time is always lucky, believe me we are very much in need of that luck

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Meet the perfect Analytics Personalities in Big Data world 2016

It’s good to have a single chapter but, it is always better to have a continuous series. Right?! I can relate to your feelings of getting to know on our next move. You peeked into Analytics General Sherman- Infrastructure on previous post and you are going to interact with 16 personalities of Analytics in this series.

Have you met identical and

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Big Data Landscape 2016- a General Sherman

Did you watch the jungle book movie??? I mean not the new fantasy adventure but the old funny “George of the jungle”. I just love Brendan Fraser in that movie, nobody could’ve done justice to that role except him but I too like the narrator who keeps on making the scenes so interesting and funny. Right?!

So I thought maybe I

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