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Big Data Landscape 2016- a General Sherman

Did you watch the jungle book movie??? I mean not the new fantasy adventure but the old funny “George of the jungle”. I just love Brendan Fraser in that movie, nobody could’ve done justice to that role except him but I too like the narrator who keeps on making the scenes so interesting and funny. Right?!

So I thought maybe I

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BigQuery: The story of my life

Me being a toddler:

I am BigQuery. My genesis is from Google. I am a cloud-based service that combines a NoSQL-style data store with “SQL-like” querying capabilities.

My mom said, before I was born, querying massive datasets was a hurdle without proper hardware and infrastructure. But now I solve this problem by enabling interactive analysis of massively large datasets working in conjunction

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MongoDB as a solution for enterprise document management system

– Sarath Chandran and Ashwin B

In one of our recent projects we were building an enterprise cloud based digital document management and collaboration solution for one of our clients. This application needed to have the ability to upload large documents with its associated thumbnails, and extracted OCR text for searching ability. The system would need to support document versioning which

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