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6 Safe Web Browsing Practices to Keep Your Information Secure at All Times

Information security is a team effort. For an organization’s information security measures to be completely effective, it requires the active participation of every employee.
An information security management system or ISMS is a systematic method of managing an organization’s sensitive data. Among other best practices, the ISMS policies define guidelines for Internet usage and browsing in offices.
However, we believe that following

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Exceptional CX, harnessing new technologies can help your company stand out, say experts

Customer experience (CX) is one of the integral ways in which a company can distinguish itself from its competitors. It is therefore imperative for a product or services company to offer top-notch customer experiences, in addition to meeting emerging customer requirements with new and advanced technologies.
In this post, we present a few important aspects of CX, and how technology can

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Social selling 101: Share relevant and timely content, make it a team effort

Social selling involves leveraging our social networks to find and communicate with the right prospects and build trusted relationships with customers. In this process, we use social media to find new customers, establish a rapport with existing customers, and extend our reach. Social selling techniques include sharing relevant and useful content and insights on our website, blog and social media

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History and evolution of retirement plans in the US

The beginning of the development of retirement plans in the US can be traced back to certain key events in American history. This unfolded alongside the development of pension schemes in other countries across the world.
Pensions were initially extended to people in financial need, soldiers and war veterans.
Some records describe a monthly lifetime income benefit offered to soldiers during the

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