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Using Zookeeper, Kafka and Storm to achieve an ideal integrated computing system

Recently, we had to develop a software ecosystem which would acquire data (structured and unstructured) from many different sources and propagate them to a consolidated data platform – in real time. The system had to achieve the following objective, using open source technologies:
• Access large number of different categories of unstructured data.
• Achieve fault tolerance
• Ensure 0% data loss
• Provide

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Mobile operators get data visualization boost with SAS Visual Analytics

Trusting increasingly on insight from data to make critical decisions, business frontrunners expect tools to handle data, regardless of source and size, analyze all information and provide quick answers to complex questions. And business users often tend to do it on their own, without depending on IT.

SAS has heard its customers and addressed this problem with its powerful data visualization

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US Healthcare Industry 4 Part Blog Series – Part 1: Challenges to Healthcare Industry

US Healthcare Industry Blog Series Part 1: Challenges

This blog posts discusses the challenges facing the US the healthcare industry and some of the trends that are emerging as the Government and Corporations prepare to address these challenges.

The Healthcare industry is in an unprecedented state of flux. Key systemic issues that have cropped up in the industry structure have led to

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6 Simple Productivity Boosters for 401K Plan Administrators

Following up on our previous article that touched upon data analysis to reduce churn in Telecom, this article focuses on analytics approaches for demand generation in marketing.

Producing quality leads has always been a challenge and according to the 2015 State of Marketing survey, “Quality of leads among pressing business challenges.” Many companies allocate much time and resources to marketing activities

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Making Plan Administrators’ Lives Easier and Enhancing Customer Engagement through New Generation Technologies

Kodak was the Google of its day! In 1976 it had a monopoly in the film-based camera business, accounting for 90% of film and 85% of camera sales in America. However, times were changing and digital camera technology was around the corner. Unfortunately for Kodak, the company did not appreciate this threat to its film-based business and it failed to adapt accordingly. In spite of having a 10-year window of opportunity, Kodak lost its chance to secure a leading position in digital imaging, giving way to new players like Olympus, Canon and Fujitsu. This failure ultimately led to the downfall of Kodak’s 130 year old business

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