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An application’s Life Element

What is an Application? What does it do? How does an application work? Let us look at some of these basic questions:

Basically, an application is a tool that collects, process and shares data. It is like a human body and without a life element, the body will not work. Data is the life element for any application, and without data,

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Retirement Savings Plans – the Plan Migration Worries

Conversations with a few top record keepers in the retirement savings space led us to a predicament, which, albeit not too frequent, is but of significant importance in the retirement industry.

While day-to-day recordkeeping woes have mostly been addressed through currently available off-the-self solutions or through custom built applications thereby making a sponsor’s life relatively easy, there still remain a few

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Work – Life Balance, a perspective

These are days of speed, instant gratification and everyone being in a hurry to get to the top of the ladder in terms of professional achievements. In a world with all this emphasis on these parameters, one key aspect of life that gets sacrificed is what is commonly referred to as ‘work life balance’. The term itself is a bit

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Super humans take on Data Sources & API in the Big Data world:

The millennial’s life revolve around the data and the sources of data have been spreading across the world like a forest fire. From your retailer to your banker everybody knows your behavioral pattern by following the crumbs of your data, it may be your social media posts, or your transactional records or the live data feeds from your IoT-enabled devices.

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A Scrumptious Open Source Cuisines in Big Data Landscape 2016:

A food critic, a traveler or an adrenaline junkie would never limit themselves at a single cuisine. Food is not something to be compared as a day-to-day habit. It is a culture and a depiction of the place where you are from. If you want to involve with a different community of people, you’ve got to taste their food foremost

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