Driving Business Value from Automation in the Retirement Plan Industry

“What is the top technology challenge facing your company today?” — we asked our webinar participants. An overwhelming number of them said “automation”. Process automation,…

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7 Ways in which Robo-Advisors can Transform your Retirement Planning Offerings

At their core, robo-advisors are automated investment platforms that use algorithms to develop customized investment portfolios. A typical robo-advisor platform gathers data from the plan…

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Testing to Create a Zero-Defect Retirement Product: Challenges and Checks

When a pre-defined working product is customized to meet the client requirements, changes to the existing product, proportional to the extent, may induce errors in…

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How Automation Aids Quality Control and What to Watch Out For

The Quality Control (QC) team ensures that the software or application is flawless before each release. Automating a part of the software testing process can…

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Why Automate Software Testing?

Automation does not do what testers used to do, unless one ignores most things a tester really does. Automated testing is useful for extending the…

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