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Sneak peek – latest trends in Big Data Analytics

It feels like a Global Warming. The traditional Business Analytics icebergs are melting and Data Analytics Ocean is getting much bigger day by day. But the difference is, the first said comparison is really dangerous to our earth and the latter one is the best thing happened in the industry.

When I googled on the latest Big data topics (shhhhhh… Don’t

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MongoDB Replication approach & Setup using Arbiter

What Replication is:

Replication is the process of synchronizing data across multiple servers. Replication provides redundancy and increases data availability with multiple copies of data on different database servers, replication protects a database from the loss of a single server. Replication also allows you to recover from hardware failure and service interruptions. With additional copies of the data, you can dedicate

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4 Use Cases that every Mobile Operator should know

Being surrounded by techies, I listen to most of their discussions about latest technologies and innovations but they always prefer to talk about “Big Data”, “Big Data Analytics (BDA)” and that made me curious to learn more about BDA. I’ve got the basic ideas and knowledge from our discussions, but still I had my own queries and I needed a

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Using Zookeeper, Kafka and Storm to achieve an ideal integrated computing system

Recently, we had to develop a software ecosystem which would acquire data (structured and unstructured) from many different sources and propagate them to a consolidated data platform – in real time. The system had to achieve the following objective, using open source technologies:
• Access large number of different categories of unstructured data.
• Achieve fault tolerance
• Ensure 0% data loss
• Provide

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Mobile operators get data visualization boost with SAS Visual Analytics

Trusting increasingly on insight from data to make critical decisions, business frontrunners expect tools to handle data, regardless of source and size, analyze all information and provide quick answers to complex questions. And business users often tend to do it on their own, without depending on IT.

SAS has heard its customers and addressed this problem with its powerful data visualization

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