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MongoDB as a solution for enterprise document management system

– Sarath Chandran and Ashwin B

In one of our recent projects we were building an enterprise cloud based digital document management and collaboration solution for one of our clients. This application needed to have the ability to upload large documents with its associated thumbnails, and extracted OCR text for searching ability. The system would need to support document versioning which

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A New Tech Tale

Staring at the nifty gadget coiled around his wrist, Karthik looks past the workout features of his so-called IOT device – it counts the calories burned, and rings showing how often he has stood up to take a break from sitting, how many minutes of brisk activity completed; his goal? Close each ring every day. AWS, MongoDB, Python, Google App

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25 key tools in Apache’s 15 years history

The very first time when I watched Harry potter’s Chamber of secrets I was like awe and then due to the curiosity I jumped to the next part skipping the first part and gradually my watch list was not in order, it was more of a random pick. But once the last part-deathly hallows-2 was released, I spent a whole

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