Today, the corporate world is on the brink of a rapid paradigm shift. Although everyone is talking about Robotic Process Automation (or RPA), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and so on, they are also seen as a huge threat to human existence.

The slogan ‘change or perish’ is becoming extremely popular in the corporate world! However, I feel organizations are so obsessed with the ‘unknown angel’ that they are neglecting human beings! I mean, organizations are forgetting the importance of investing in people, in the right way.

Do you think AI or RPA will supplant human intelligence? Are we going to perish? On a lighter note, do you remember a time when thumb impression was associated with illiterate people, but, today, it is back in style, thanks to Biometric ID!

Do you really think technological advancement is a threat to human existence? Should we feel stressed over the perception that automation is going to replace human beings?

My answer is – this may or may not happen, but it depends on us. It may happen if individuals and organizations fail to focus on upskilling and/or reskilling. It will not happen if we embrace change and invest in people and training.

I feel AI, RPA, Machine Learning, etc. will not supplant the human mind and intelligence. All these have algorithms designed by the human brain. And, it will take long time to see the benefits of all these new buzzwords. By the time we see some new developments, the human brain would have invented new buzzwords, which may make AI, RPA, etc. dated! If we human beings use our minds to its fullest capacity, there may be a never-ending series of opportunities for us. So, I feel, there is no need to press the panic button, yet!

More than automation, I feel the bigger challenge facing the corporate world today is the scarcity of leaders who can manage people and execute tasks efficiently and effectively. Organizations that blindly run behind automation and upgrading technology will exist for shorter stints compared to organizations that also invest time and money on upskilling and reskilling people.

Today’s idea can become obsolete tomorrow. But today’s resources, if trained properly, can never become obsolete in the corporate ecosystem.

As we climb the ladder of success, we need to make sure it is leaning against the right building.

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