Web Experience Management (WEM) is an evolutionary change in Web Content Management (WCM) technology that can have a radical impact on the user centricity of your web portal. It provides a meaningful and immersive navigation experience to users of your enterprise portal.

Formally, Web Experience Management (WExM) is defined as, a business practice adopted by companies targeting the customers with web enabled services and technologies such as Web Content Management (WCM), Social media management, Presentation, Analytics, Optimization, Dynamic content delivery, etc. The objective of WExM is to leverage the behavioral preferences and interests of users to provide a far more user friendly and immersive way of accessing web content.

How can organizations benefit the most from Web Experience Management (WEM)?

Higher rates of conversion from visitors to customers.

Organizations which implement web experience management in their enterprise portals focus on 3 C principle.

  • Create – Engaging Web Experience and content.
  • Connect – Communicate with customers at multiple levels like, SEM and integrated social media.
  • Convert – Target visitors better through analytics and targeted content to convert more of them into customers.

Comparison of Conventional WCM & WEM

Steps Implemented in Web Experience Management (WEM)

A Case Study in WExM: Social media integration in Amazon.com

Amazon.com is the leading online shopping portal for a variety of items. It serves people with all in one flow. The site blends technology and behavioral research to create a user friendly environment for online shopping and content consumption.

In order to get the data points for behavioral research of consumers, Amazon has partnered with popular social networking website, Facebook to make the online shopping experience more naturalized by including the social networks of the user in the shopping process.

The screen shot below depicts the level of social integration Amazon provides for its users.

By partnering with Facebook Amazon can not only provide purchase recommendations to its users but also allow users to share their opinion and recommendations with friends and family.


Social media management is a key aspect of Web experience management. It helps you to target visitors better to significantly increase the conversion rates. With the evolution of Web 2.0 and 3.0, WExM is considered to be a natural extension which organizations can afford to ignore at their own peril.

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