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Legacy Systems are the “White Elephants” for Retirement Services Industries

The Retirement Services Industry traditionally has been a slow adopter of information technology solutions. While the transition from VISIO Calc to next generation systems was gradual, the retirement industry has been stuck there for long time with those yester year proprietary and legacy systems which indeed are like white elephants from a continued maintenance expense perspective. However, recent spate of

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Enterprise Mobile Application Development: Should you go Native or Hybrid?

Choosing right platform for mobile development:

According to ABI research Mobile shopping will account for $163 billion worldwide by 2015. From this it is very clear that mobile devices are going to dominate the marketplace.

One of the common problems that market facing is people is trying to port their existing applications in to mobile platform. They are trying to include all

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US Healthcare Industry 4 Part Blog Series – Part 4: Growth Strategies by Leveraging Information Technology

US Healthcare Industry Blog Series Part 4: Growth Strategies and Technologies for Payers, Providers and Managed Care Players
This blog post is the last of a series of 4 where we discussed the challenges faced by the healthcare industry in the US, recent regulatory environment and trends emerging
due to the challenges and regulatory changes.

This post looks at the emerging trend from

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User Centric Portals take center-stage through Web Experience Management

Web Experience Management (WEM) is an evolutionary change in Web Content Management (WCM) technology that can have a radical impact on the user centricity of your web portal. It provides a meaningful and immersive navigation experience to users of your enterprise portal.

Formally, Web Experience Management (WExM) is defined as, a business practice adopted by companies targeting the customers with web

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US Healthcare Industry 4 Part Blog Series – Part 3: Emerging Trends

US Healthcare Industry Blog Series Part 2: Emerging Trends& Models

In order to reign in healthcare costs and bring in greater number uninsured citizen under the healthcare fold, the Government has initiated reform measures like the Affordable Care Act, Health Information Exchange, and State level Health Insurance Exchanges. On high level all the reforms point towards 4 Key principals.

Value based incentives


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