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Dynamics Of Retirement Services Industry in India

I really like the fact that occupational pension is compulsory in India (for companies with more than 20 employees). The employees do not have a choice of where and how their money is invested, but the returns are assured. Now, why I am a fan of this model:

A vast majority of people do not save for

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How marketing analytics influences the journey from contact to customer

Following up on our previous article that touched upon data analysis to reduce churn in Telecom, this article focuses on analytics approaches for demand generation in marketing.

Producing quality leads has always been a challenge and according to the 2015 State of Marketing survey, “Quality of leads among pressing business challenges.” Many companies allocate much time and resources to marketing activities (such

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Analytics Reduce Churn, Accelerate Sales, in Telecom

As technology advances, service and pricing plans evolve, and the market becomes more saturated, telecom companies face increasing competition for customers. Telecom markets are highly competitive and churn is a huge concern. Understanding customer behavior is a key to staying top-of-mind.

The need for analytics
A survey released by Accenture shows that communication service providers are being compelled to consider revamping their

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‘Billion Dollar Babies’ Recognition – Another feather in the Congruent’s Cap

Congruent Solutions has been recognised as one of the “Billion Dollar Babies” in future by TiECON 2014 Chennai among the four companies. TiE Chennai, a part of The Indus Entrepneurs, a global not-for-profit organisation that nurtures entrepreneurs.

The objective of this program was to showcase the organizations that have started from scratch and have the potential to turn into a billion-dollar

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An Approach to Seamless Data Migration during Retirement Plan Recordkeeping Platform Modernization

The change in the customer environment in the US retirement markets, coupled with the increased competition and need for growth in plan participant base, has caused US retirement plan providers to reassess their platform/technologies and processes. It’s the right time for the plan provider organizations to establish a level of parity from a technology perspective to stay relevant to customers,

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