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Big Data: Time for the data to drive the opportunities in the Retirement Industry

In 2012, with the onset of new transparency requirements, TimotySlavin of Broadridge prophesied that a clear insight into the fees related to plan and fund administration, brokerage windows, commissions, sales charges, etc., will be available for plan sponsors and participants. However that insight is correlated to the factor that how well the complex data related to matching expenses and fees

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Retirement Plan Information: Paper versus Electronic communication Dilemma

While legislative and regulatory policies are allowing the plan providers to have the electronic delivery of communication as their default channels, the story is different from plan participants’ standpoint. Plan participants want the paper communication as the default channel, with an option to choose electronic communication, if required. I was wondering whether there is a need for the retirement industry

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Budget’s impact on the IT and ITES Industry – a quick overview by Bala J Raman at the “Post Budget Analysis 2013” organized by FICCI and “Ernst & Young”

It gives me great pleasure to be in this forum on behalf of the IT and ITES industry. Over the last two decades, this industry has grown to be the poster child of the Indian economy, and in spite of not being one of the largest contributors to the Indian GDP, this industry has been extremely high profile in terms

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Getting things done: Overcome challenges to take initiatives to conclusion

A champion is required for driving an initiative in an organization. I have seen couple of champions who face lot of challenges in taking an initiative to finish line. Following are some of the concerns observed from Champions “initiative needs a significant follow-up with concerned person and it is a frustrating experience”, “implementing an initiative is not an easy task

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Consolidate or Replace: IT Application labyrinths in the Retirement Plan Administration Organizations

Plan provider organizations which complain about the cost of IT maintenance often fail to realize that the root cause for the humongous IT expenditures are the labyrinths of IT applications, they have coddled over years. Plan providers have built those software applications and even bought a few software packages from different suppliers one at a time, to support their ongoing

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