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Pension Auto-enrollment Employee Assessment – Getting it right!

Auto-enrolment pension reform made it mandatory for every UK employer to enroll workers automatically into a qualifying pension scheme – starting in October 2012. Auto-enrolment brings a new set of duties and obligations, as well as major operational, financial, compliance and reputational risks to all employers – including the challenge of managing huge inflow of new members on staging dates.


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4 Reasons why pension providers don’t want to upgrade Aging and Obsolete Enterprise Systems:

In the retirement services industry, aging IT Systems that have been upgraded with a piecemeal approach over the years are a major challenge to the pension providers. Not only has this approach led to technology obsolescence but has also adversely affected the overall productivity due to increased maintenance and administration overheads.

What are the key drivers for large pension providers to

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Demystifying the Cloud

In general, cloud computing is understood to be ‘delivering hosted services over internet’. But it is defined as the use of computing resources in a remote location over the network. It follows different structures of computing such as grid, utility, client-server, etc. to support different resources.

Cloud Computing Components:                                                                         


Types of Cloud:

Public Cloud:A standard cloud computing model where applications, storage and

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A paradigm shift from “Software Project Delivery” to “Software Product Engineering” – Suyamprabha, Vice President, Technology, Congruent Solutions

There is a paradigm shift in Software development methodology. Organizations today are moving from a pure “Project Delivery” mindset to a more dynamic “Product Engineering” mindset. This blog series helps us understand this trend.

Well, this story also has the usual, common place beginning: “Once upon a time”. Yes, there was a time when the term “software product engineering” applied only

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Big Data: Time for the data to drive the opportunities in the Retirement Industry

In 2012, with the onset of new transparency requirements, TimotySlavin of Broadridge prophesied that a clear insight into the fees related to plan and fund administration, brokerage windows, commissions, sales charges, etc., will be available for plan sponsors and participants. However that insight is correlated to the factor that how well the complex data related to matching expenses and fees

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