Designed specifically for large retirement plan providers, COREDC® is Congruent’s flagship technology platform for retirement plan providers and recordkeepers in the USA.

The platform leverages Congruent’s years of experience serving the US retirement industry to create a flexible, light and cutting-edge technology solution that can work as a stand-alone recordkeeping system or can be integrated with legacy recordkeeping systems and third-party plan administration applications.

This compelling technology platform supports the entire recordkeeping and plan administration life cycle for plan providers, administrators, sponsors and participants. It is an integrated system of record and uses the latest technology and methodologies to offer a support the core functions of DC recordkeeping and plan administration.

  • Plan Configuration 
  • Census Management 
  • Eligibility Process
  • Auto Enrollment
  • Contributions Processing
  • Loans 
  • Withdrawals
  • Cash and fees management
  • Reports

Recordkeeping and plan administration solutions today have to be more scalable, adaptable, and process-centric than ever before. They also need to be lean in order to enhance the organization’s agility in responding to business imperatives, both internal and external.


Self-Service for all Stakeholders

Provide self-service capabilities to all administrators, sponsors, advisors and participants, enabling them to work in a seamless and collaborative manner.

Flexible Architecture

Integrate and synchronize faster with other systems and applications with COREDC®’s robust technology stack and flexible service-oriented architecture.

Maximum Configuration

Reduce implementation timelines and achieve shorter time-to-market cycles through COREDC®’s maximum configuration and minimum customization – and save time and money.

Faster Plan On-boarding

Automate and streamline on-boarding and taking-over processes to increase business efficiency and reduce the risk of budget and schedule overruns.

Latest Technology

Benefit from a platform that has been engineered specifically for the cloud, incorporates the highest standards of security and performance, and operates through the SaaS model.

100% Web Client Application

Eliminate the need for additional software or applications on end-user desktops through deployment of the COREDC® platform as a web application.

Rules Engine

Boost productivity with COREDC®’s easy-to-understand hierarchical rule execution combined with a rich library of methods specifically developed to suit plan provider organizations.

Business Process Management

Streamline complex custom plan administration processes involving multiple actions, exceptions and escalations with COREDC®’s workflow engine.


Choose from a range of integration mechanisms like a web services API, event-based messaging and the facility to exchange data in any format.

Role-Based Access

Easily control mechanisms for appropriate access rights to applications, functionality and data to suit each user’s role and designated tasks.

White Labeling

Reinforce your brand identity at every touchpoint through customizations to the user interface at multiple levels from menus to logos to colors, at minimal cost, complexity and time.

Data Sets

CORE DC exposes logical “Data Sets” of all the data present in the system to the users – starting from Plan Administrators, Sponsors and other actors. The user can define reports, graphs, data extracts as needed from these data sets on the fly. They can save such user defined reports for use at any time in the future. They can also schedule the data extracts periodically for consumption by other systems and providers.

COREDC® can drive high performance at plan provider and
record-keeping organizations of all types and sizes.

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